About Us

Poulpefaction is a small independent studio, formerly named “Anonym-Art Productions”.

We previously produced mods using CryEngine 2. Then we started to develop more ambitious projects when CryEngine 3 came out. The ability to create real Stand Alone games was promising and not the ideas we lacked.

But like any independent studio, it is difficult to find competent people and especially it is difficult to manage them when these people are on the other side of the world. In fact, we ended up being only two people: MacGivre and myself (Lenox).

Today we no longer develop with the CryEngine but with the Unreal Engine 4. The possibilities are more numerous and especially the engine is more accessible for us since we do not program either in C ++.

Our studio is now more active than ever and declines its name in two subgroups: Poulpefagame and Poulpefazic. The first is obviously related to video games and the second concerns music.

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Currently our biggest project is “Crash Bandicoot Returns” and we intend to carry it out this time, even if this project will have taken years to be finally feasible.


Thanks to all the people who support us!

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