Always farther, always longer!

I still can not keep my promise! A video had to arrive last week but as always, the unexpected accumulates and the time always passes too quickly. But do not worry, this time we hit the goal and you will see what Crash will look like soon. I can in any case guarantee that it really takes shape and that Crash is already almost perfect, as well as some crates and even a part of the interface. But of course this is still an alpha version.

However the video will take a little more time than expected because Chris wants to set everything up now, that is to say:

  • The gameplay
  • The crates
  • The HUD with life and wumpas

Suffice to say that the work that Chris does is impressive and always as effective! But it takes time and it will be necessary to be more patient than I thought myself but it is all the better because we prefer quality to quantity. And we prefer to present you with a well done work in a next video, rather than a dribble.

What’s more, we could see that the votes in favor of the project were mostly positive at the moment, so we do not want to disappoint you! So I will avoid making you another promise regarding the next video in order not to make you hope again for nothing.

However, I can promise you that Crash will be textured at best this weekend and in the worst case, next weekend.

Thank you for your patience and again sorry that it is so long! Thank you all for your support!

Do not hesitate to talk about it, share and come to ask your questions, discuss and propose your ideas, you are welcome!

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