Do you believe in our project?

The question may seem strange but nevertheless necessary. I would not hide from you that I have some doubts about the project for various reasons.

What worries me the most apart from disappointing the players is mainly to waste time on the team in charge of the project. I know that for those who believe in our work, you expect something convincing. And it is precisely the aim of this project: To offer you the best that can be achieved. But knowing the quality of the original game, the pressure is important for everyone, especially after the announcement of the remake of the original trilogy.

And given the constraints encountered lately and the lack of activity around the project on the part of the community, I wonder and I need to know that this project is not a waste of time for my team and myself, even.

Knowing that the gameplay is well underway, that the texturing of Crash is almost finished and that we started to work seriously on the first level, I would not go any further without being sure that there is a real expectation from you .

Without your support, this project does not have to exist. It is therefore my duty as a team leader to ask the question frankly:

Do you believe in our project or not?

It is up to you to decide on the future of the project by voting below. The votes will end on January 31:

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