A little late!

Well … I know that I promised you a video before the end of the year and I could not keep promise unfortunately but with the end of year holidays and some technical worries, we could not finish texturing and animations on time. But do not worry, the promised video will arrive soon!

In the meantime, I can inform you about some news about the team. Chris arrived in our team a few weeks ago to help us temporarily to make Crash playable and fluid and I can guarantee that he is really gifted and that the playability is very good. Also, Marianne who has already worked with us on the old version of the project has also joined us. She will take care of the level design, the storyboards and help me to write the story of the game.

And after a long discussion with Marianne regarding the level that will serve as technical demo, we have chosen to replace the theme of Egypt by Ancient Greece. We had a long discussion and we came to the logical conclusion that it would be silly to achieve a level similar to that of another episode whereas the project is not meant to be a remake but an original episode.

Finally, concerning the votes that are now finished, here are the results :

The three levels of the game we will perform first (in order of voting):

  • Far West
  • Inflatable Crash
  • Forest

I promise you more information in the next article that should be published in two weeks.

The team and I wish you all an happy new year!

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