We are looking for someone to help us with the Unreal Engine

We are actively looking for someone to help us fine-tune and add some animations for Crash. We have already made good progress. Crash can now walk, run, jump, swirl and even slide. However, there are concerns about transitions and key combinations that we would like to correct and implement. We also have a small problem with the capsule when the player wants to slide. The capsule simply blocks the character against the wall while it should pass underneath. But hey, these are worries that I am sure, should be simple to solve on the whole. But MacGivre and I still discover the engine for the moment and we would appreciate a little help from outside, if only to finalize the playability of Crash.

We are looking for a person who is familiar with blueprint, animation management and blend space. In summary, a person who has already created, imported and configured his own character under Unreal.

And to make you wait, here is a little preview of our advances in video:

For those who would like to help us, please contact us via the form of the site by clicking here or directly via our email address:


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