A remaster, levels and video

After the announcement of the remake of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, I confess I had a ball in my stomach for a moment, until I realized it did not matter.

Although I must admit that it is really beautiful and pays tribute to the series, it does not mean that we must abandon our project because we are committed to realizing it, if only for the pleasure of making you pleasure.

What’s more, Crash is almost playable at the moment I speak to you. He now knows how to walk and run and soon he can jump and swirl as he knows so well.

You will also probably noticed that the official website has changed style. From now on you will be able to discover on our site all our past and current projects under the groups concerned: Poulpefagame and Poulpefazic.

While waiting to give you a new video to show you the first steps of Crash, I leave you a small video with some animations that I realized lately for the gameplay.

There will be more information in the coming weeks and hopefully some early visuals of the test level. Also, I would like to thank those who voted for the 3 levels we will have to realize as a priority. For the moment, the first two are (in order of votes):

  1. Crash Inflatable
  2. Far west

For the third level, there are several identical scores but the survey is still active and will remain so until the end of the year. So you can still vote to help us choose which levels to achieve for the game. So do not hesitate to vote and share the survey around you!

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