The new Crash is here !

As promised, here is finally the new model of Crash. It is officially finished and ready to be animated. And if everything goes well, it will even be playable within two weeks, time to realize the remaining animations and incorporate it into the engine.

I know you had to wait longer than expected and I apologize. But as you probably know, we also have a private life outside the project and many things happened and delayed us.

But it’s official, Crash is alive! And we have started to draw up a list of the potential levels of the game and I would like to invite you to participate in the choice of the first three levels that we will achieve. That’s why I set up a survey to which you can all participate by selecting 3 of the different levels offered. The goal is to allow us to realize a game that reflects the community that supports us.

And if you have ideas to propose, do it! We would love to look at new things. I invite you to fill out the survey below if you would like to participate in this great adventure:

The hardest part is to find new ideas than those already used in previous episodes. For now we have a non-exhaustive list of ideas as follows:

  • Far West (Level on a moving train in Utah canyons)
  • Snowy mountain (Snowboarding downhill followed by an avalanche)
  • Fir Forest (Different from Crash Bandicoot 2)
  • Crash Inflatable (This level would introduce a new crate (Helium) and the goal would be to inflate Crash by taking helium and to reach the end of the level flying like a balloon, while avoiding the birds and other obstacles that can burst our hero)
  • Field of wheat (At night with UFOs and day with cows, scarecrows, etc …)
  • Atlantis (We could imagine a city engulfed in the Atlantis cartoon, located under the ocean but on the surface of the water)
  • Ancient Greece (As suggested at the time of the mod, a level in ancient Greece with enemies from Greek mythology)

Meanwhile, we are working on the first level that will be in Egypt. If you have read the last article of the official website, you are already aware but for those who do not follow us, I invite you to read this article by clicking here.

I also invite you to come to the official website and register if you wish to be aware of the latest news about the project. We are also on Tumblr if you prefer this platform or on MODDB.


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