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I know that time is passing and I still have not shown you the new Crash but do not worry, it’s coming soon. We had some unexpected events in our lives, but Mac assured me that he had finished adjusting. So I could start animating it as soon as next week.

I could finally present you this new model which I hope you like as much as we do. In the meantime, I started to model elements for the first level environment. And even if I wanted to wait for some visuals to present to you, I can confirm that the first level will be in Egypt, as in the third episode of the series.

Nevertheless, it will not be a remake but of an original level. But as we adore Egypt Mac and myself, we chose this environment to get started. This will also allow us to inspire ourselves a bit of Crash Bandicoot 3 to get used to building levels. And we also hope that it will be a pleasure to find a first level in a familiar universe, which will allow you to compare the visual and technical differences between the old series and this new opus.

For the others levels we think of several different epochs / environments. The hardest part is to find new ideas than those already used in previous episodes. For now we have a non-exhaustive list of ideas as follows:

  • Far West (Level on a moving train in the Utah canyons)
  • Snowy mountain (Snowboarding downhill followed by an avalanche)
  • Fir Forest (Different from Crash Bandicoot 2)
  • Crash Inflatable (This level would introduce a new crate (Helium) and the goal would be to inflate Crash by taking helium and to reach the end of the level flying like a balloon, while avoiding the birds and others obstacles that can burst our hero)
  • Field of wheat (At night with UFOs and day with cows, scarecrows, etc …)
  • Atlantis (We could imagine a city engulfed as in the Atlantis cartoon, located under the ocean but on the surface of the water)
  • Ancient Greece (As suggested at the time of the mod, a level in ancient Greece with enemies from Greek mythology)

Of course at the moment it is only ideas, nothing is established and none of these levels is currently foreseen. But your opinion could help us greatly to choose which of these levels we could achieve as a priority. So I propose you to vote below to tell us which three levels you would prefer to see in the game. Your opinion really counts for us so do not hesitate to contact us and propose your ideas, your suggestions and ask your questions.

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