We are back!

I know I promised you an article on the new model Crash quickly but it’s been longer than expected. After several different versions and changes, we finally completed the 3D model.

MacGivre is about to unfold the UV and texture the model at a time when I speak. Then comes the skinning / rigging, then the addition of helpers to assist me in the task of animation. We have been testing and I can tell you that the new model is much more detailed and closer to the original, although some new features have been added to make it more modern and unique. At the preliminary animations, all works really well and the possibilities are great. This will allow us to make him fluid and enjoyable to play.

In any case the project is progressing well and we begin to master a little better the engine. Regarding the other team members, I have not heard so we can consider that the team comes down to MacGivre and myself. Said like that, it could be a problem but it is not. Rather, it is much easier to work in pairs and as we try to learn the engine together we can fill us with our different skills. The project may take longer to be developed but at the end, the game will be more interesting to perform and will probably be more complete and neat as if we were more numerous. Moreover, I live next to MacGivre, allowing us to work together easily.

That’s all for the moment so I said to you next week for new information.

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