He’s alive!

As promised, the new 3D model of the mask Aku Aku and this time, textured and animated! Of course, the animations are simple tests but allow to have an idea of what look like expressions of “face”.

Crash, there was a small inconvenience. In fact, there will be no post on the new model of orange fur ball before next week. Moreover, I am currently in full relocation in addition to my work. So I do not have much time to give to the project yet. But rest assured, as soon as I am settled in my new home (usually next weekend), I would go work on it seriously.

Regarding the progress of the project, the team is still not very organized and are still missing people to help us so I would say that at present, we are only two working on the project seriously, MacGivre and myself (although at the moment, I only have a few hours by week to look after the project). In short, Crash is coming soon and the project will resume its normal rhythm within a week or two.

If you have any questions, please do. The Facebook link to the right of the site is there for that. If you want to join us in the team, I invite you to contact me via the “Contact” section. For the rest, I would inform you when a change will operate. Until then, good week to you all and thank you for your support!

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