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If you have questions or suggestions, you can now come and discuss with us on Facebook via this link. Regarding discussion schedules, I have not decided yet, so you can always come post a message at any time of the day and we will respond if a team member is available. But I advise you to contact us preferably in the evening, from 18:00 (Paris time GMT + 1), there is more chance that one of us is available on the website.

Article about Aku Aku and Crash is coming soon! The article should appear this weekend. If ever Crash is not finished tomorrow, I will post an article Saturday or Sunday for Aku Aku, so you can see the new textured and animated model. Anyway, I can guarantee you that MacGivre working hard on Crash. We really hope that the new model will please you. It is more modern, more close to the original and less massive than the version I had modeled before. Moreover, currently MacGivre charge of rigging and skinning, which means that the skeleton can soon be animated.

Also, I am pleased to announce that the team has grown in recent days with the arrival of MacGivre as I have told you before, and that will take care of modeling, texturing and the Crash animation. Since arrived Christoph Hallmann, a C ++ programmer, knowing also use the Graph of the Unreal Engine, which will work mainly on the gameplay portion and interactions. And finally, Steven White also joined us and work to modeling and texturing of some elements of the game. I invite you to visit his website if you want to see its own work.

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