Some problems with MODDB

After trying to post some articles on MODDB, I learned that the latest had been archived directly because of a too short video (6 seconds). Indeed, the video is short because at the moment there is nothing concrete to show and I do not think it would be a problem but it does not matter.

For those who wish to follow the CBR project, I invite you to follow this blog. I think soon offer a suite of video during development to show you how it happens behind the scenes. For the moment I still search a facilitator.

Regarding the project itself, I did not set the bases. I prefer to take the time to find a strong team, it’s why I have not announced anything official regarding the levels of the game, their number or the environments in which Crash evolve.

What is certain is that there will be no level under water like Crash Bandicoot 3. For the moment it is only a matter of animating Crash and make it playable. Once this crucial step is completed, we can start thinking about the levels.

However, I am always looking for a storyboarder to start to see together what might look like levels. This would assess the constraints, imagine new environments never before seen in Crash and possibly develop a prototype to test the gameplay that we can offer for download thereafter for the impatient among you.

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